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We Specialize in Home Decorations

What makes a house your home – is the creative use of home decorations. Home decorations are the way you customize your living environment and make it more “you”! They are personal touches that reflect your individual taste and style and make you feel comfortable in your house. Home decorations include items such as paintings, mirrors, lamps, vases, collectibles and plants.

Personalize Your Home Using Home Decorations

What makes your house feel like home? Is it the stack of well-loved books on the coffee table? Is it the family portraits lining the stairway? Or maybe it is the collection of prints you brought back from a European vacation. Shopping for home decorations can be one of the more time-consuming aspects of decorating, but also one of the more enjoyable. Here are some hints to get you started:

Decide What Pieces You Need

    • Personal decorations work well in bedrooms. A stuffed animal collection can adorn the shelves in a children’s room, while a wedding photo or other romantic picture could hang on the walls of the adults’ bedroom.
    • Paintings brighten every home. Check out the new and used prints for sale at Affordable Consigned Furnishings. Enlarged photographs also add interest, with framed black-and-white photos being a particularly sophisticated touch.
    • Flowers, whether fresh or faux, are a great option for hallways, the dining room table and the kitchen.
    • A collection of teacups, vases or other special dishes can be displayed in a breakfront, high shelf or other piece of furniture.
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